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Red Kidney Beans - Boiled 400
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Boiled Red Kidney 400 G

Those who want to offer extraordinary dishes to their loved ones can choose Yurttan boiled Red Kidney 400 Gr tin can product offered for sale. Red kidney, also known as Mexican beans; can be consumed as a garnish in salads and meals. Those who enjoy Mexican food can consume red kidney in all Mexican food.


Mexican beans, which come to your tables with the quality of Yurttan, have a flavor that can turn your tables into a feast. For those who do not like meat products much, boiled red kidney is a good alternative. It contains high amount of iron and calcium. 

Practical Foods Delicious Tables

Yurttan Red Kidney which offers a practical solution for the guests who suddenly appear and for those who do not have the opportunity to cook, provides you the pleasure of cooking in a very short time.

Those who want to offer more delicious and practical meals to the guests and loved ones can create a feast on their tables with alternatives of bean salads. Red kidney, which is very useful for heart and bone health, regulate cholesterol level while reducing the risk of cancer.

You can consume Yurttan boiled red kidney for salads seasoned with lemon and olive oil that will provide you low calories and give the feeling of satiety.

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