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Chickpeas Boiled 400
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Boiled Chickpeas 400

Boiled chickpeas, which are a source of high protein and fiber, are presented in a 400-gram tin can packages. Boiled chickpeas that you can prepare in a very short time without having to soak in water; is full of magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Boiled chickpea product, which is preferred due to its practicality, does not contain trans-fat and is also very healthy with its low oil rate. The product without preservatives and additives is quite nutritious.

Boiled chickpeas are not consumed just as hot meal; they can be also consumed as a snack by seasoning. You can also consume it in your salads.

For Those Seeking Different Flavour

You can also make alternative flavors with boiled chickpeas, which are a full source of protein and fiber. For example, you can make chickpea soup, or green salad with chickpeas and cheese on top to garnish.

Boiled chickpeas, which you will confidently serve to your loved ones with the most delicious hummus, will present the best flavors in a salad flavoured with wheat and grapes. In addition to all these, a stew chickpea dish with meat is also among the indispensable chickpea flavors.

Yurttan boiled chickpeas, which must be stored in a cool and dry place according to your usage amount, are packaged with zero- touch and meet the consumer.

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