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White Beans Boiled 400
Product Code:15349011 Net Weight:400 g

Boiled Cannellini 400

Boiled cannellini are prepared with zero- touch and offered for sale in 400 gr tin can. Boiled cannellini will allow you to save time with its practical use and offers a unique taste that you can consume either as a stew dish or as bean salad at your discretion.

The cannellini, which is quite filling due to high protein content, becomes ready to eat after taken out of the tin can by filtering the water and cooking for approximately 10 minutes.

For Those Willing to Prepare Handy Food

Boiled cannellini prepared with the quality of Yurttan is ideal for those who would like to prepare practical meals. Those who like stew dishes may obtain delicious meals by cooking for a maximum of 10 minutes, and for the preparation of cannellini salad or white bean onion salad vinaigrette just seasoning and adding condiments would be enough.

Medium portion boiled cannellini contains 250 kcal energy. Boiled cannellini with 70% of carbohydrates and 26% of protein have a 2% of fat content. Cannellini, which are rich in vitamin B, potassium, iron, zinc and fiber, are put in a tin can packaging in sterile environments of modern facilities and meet the consumer.

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