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Borlotti Beans - Boiled 400
Product Code:15349013 Net Weight:400 g

Boiled Kidney Beans 400 G

Handy and delicious boiled kidney beans are preserved in 400 Gr cans and delivered to consumers. Those who would like to have kidney beans on their table in all seasons can consume boiled kidney bean product, which is offered with quality and assurance of Yurttan.

The product without any additives, contains 3.6 g of carbohydrates and 10 g of protein. The product, which should be kept in a cool and dry place, can be easily preserved for a maximum of 3 days after opened. 

Flavours with High Nutritional Value

Yurttan boiled kidney beans with high nutritional values can be consumed by the children as well as adults with inner peace and can be prepared easily since the product is very handy. The product, which can be consumed either with olive oil or as a stew dish preserves the same flavour and freshness until its expiration date.

Kidney beans, which does not require to be soaked in water overnight or to be boiled before consumption, contains a total oil rate of 0.49 grams and provides 117.8 kcal energy. The product, of which the carbohydrate amount is 20,70 grams, has 7,70 grams of protein. Yurttan boiled kidney beans are prepared with zero- touch in modern facilities and offered to consumers in 400-gram tin cans.

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