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Chickpeas - Boiled 800 g
Product Code:15349001 Net Weight:800 g

Boiled Chickpeas 800 G

Yurttan offers practical solutions for your meals with boiled chickpeas 800 Gr in tin can for those who have no time to cook. Chickpeas are dense in terms of protein and fiber and may cause digestion difficulties. However, as it gives the feeling of satiety, one would not get hungry easily.

Boiled chickpea, which you can serve on your delicious pilav dishes, is a product rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and manganese. Due to its high nutritional value, the children can consume it with inner peace.

Practical Solution for Working Housewives

Yurttan boiled chickpeas, which you can consume either as stew dish or as garnish on the pilav preferably, become ready to eat after they are removed from the tin can by cooking maximum 10 minutes.

The canned chickpea product, which contains vitamins A and K, and many minerals, offers ease of preparation without the need of boiling or soaking in the water the night before.

Boiled chickpeas, which come to your tables with its natural taste, under the quality and assurance of Yurttan, are processed in modern facilities and placed in laminated tin can packages and presented to the consumers.

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