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Ljutenica Paste
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Lutenitsa Sauce

Lutenitsa sauce, which you can consume on bread slices for breakfast and as an appetizer, is made with roasted red pepper and eggplant. The breakfast sauce blended with garlic and delicious spices, is offered for sale in a 300-gram glass jar packs.

The sauce produced by blending 42% of roasted red pepper, 25% of roasted eggplant, 12% of pepper paste, sunflower oil, sugar, salt and garlic is very delicious for your breakfasts and appetizers.

The sauce product, which does not contain preservatives and additives, is not consumed only at breakfast; it also offers different tastes in dishes such as pasta, meat, chicken, fried vegetables and meatballs.

Flavor from the Balkans

Lutenitsa sauce, which is the unique taste of the Balkans, has the flavour as if roasted on wood fire and it is among the most preferred winter breakfast varieties. It is produced in accordance with the Food Codex.

Sauce product, which you can prefer as an appetizer at dinner on toasted bread can also be consumed on pizza dough as the basic sauce. With this different flavour from the Balkans, your breakfasts turn into a feast of flavour, while your evening meals enlivens with Yurttan Lutenitsa sauce.

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