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Ajvar Mild 540G
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Ajvar Sweet Sauce 540 G

The Ajvar sweet sauce, where the roasted red pepper and roasted eggplant are blended with the unique taste of garlic, are prepared for you to taste by spreading on bread for breakfast. The sweet sauce offered for sale in a 540-gram glass jar does not contain any additives.

The sauce, which is frequently consumed by the Balkan countries, should be finished within a maximum of 5 days once the jar is opened. The product should be protected from sunlight and stored in cool and damp-free environments.

Great Appetizer and Breakfast Sauce

Apart from breakfast, Ajvar sweet sauce becomes much more delicious with meatballs, pasta, chicken and meat dishes. It is produced with roasted pepper and eggplant picked in the season. The product, which is consumed as a delicious appetizer and breakfast sauce, could also be a good spread option on canapes, toasts, bread and grissini.

Yurttan Ajvar sweet sauce, which can be enjoyed not only by adults but also by children, is produced from carefully selected ingredients. The product of breakfast sauce, of which different flavors can be obtained by adding crushed walnut, offers a taste that you can easily consume with your meat and chicken dishes.

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Protein 1,4 g
Energy 375 kJ / 90 kcal
Fat 5,2 g
Carbohydrates 6,3 g
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