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Bread spread pepper-tomato hot
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Sweet Breakfast Sauce

The sweet breakfast sauce produced with the exquisite combination of red pepper and tomatoes picked in the season offers great tastes for your breakfasts with its sweet taste. The sweet sauce product offered for sale in a 300-gram glass jar is delivered to you in its healthy packaging.

The product, which should be stored in a cool and dry place without sunlight, should be consumed within 5-6 days after opening. The sauce product, which is consumed by spreading on toast, reaches exquisite flavors with toast, pastry, pie or cracker flavors.


Delightful and Delicious Breakfasts

Sweet breakfast sauce, which is one of the irreplaceable flavours of breakfasts, turns your breakfasts into a feast with its sweet flavor. There are no preservatives and additives in the sauce product, which suits well with the flavours such as cookies and pastry in five o'clock tea.

Sweet sauce product, where delicious tomatoes and red pepper are flavored with different spices, can be consumed by the children as it is high in nutrients. Yurttan sweet breakfast sauce ideal for those who like sweet flavours, can be used in preparing breakfasts with the most delicious tastes to the loved ones with inner peace.  Sauce products produced with zero- touch are prepared under the assurance and quality of Yurttan

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