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Bread spread pepper-tomato hot
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Hot Breakfast Sauce

Those who would like to set up a breakfast like a feast to their loved ones and themselves prefer the hot breakfast sauces. Being one of the indispensable meals of the world cuisines, which are often preferred by the hot flavour lovers, it enlivens the breakfast tables.

Hot sauce is a product that can be easily consumed with hot bread slices, toasts, pastries or sandwiches and   produced with zero- touch by blending tomatoes and hot red pepper, seasoned with hot spices.

Breakfast Sauce Promising Homemade Taste

You can turn your breakfasts into a feast with your loved ones with the breakfast sauce product having the homemade flavour. It is made of special tomatoes and red peppers picked with great care and prepared in sterile environments with zero- touch as a hot breakfast sauce and takes its place among the irreplaceable flavours of the hot lovers.

Breakfast sauce, which is a very valuable nutrient in terms of increasing the metabolic rate, is also valuable in terms of providing energy to athletes. Yurttan breakfast sauce, which can be served to your guests and loved ones with inner peace, can also be consumed with chicken dishes, meatballs, pasta, fried vegetables and meat dishes preferably.

The hot sauce produced in modern facilities with zero- touch under the quality and assurance of Yurttan can be consumed with the main dishes to add flavor.

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