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Halvah classic 700
Product Code:15325020 Net Weight:700 g

Halva Plain 700

In addition to cocoa, pistachio halva varieties, halva plain is offered for sale by Yurttan in 700-gram packages for those who like plain. It contains soapwort which has a protective effect against contagious diseases. In addition to relaxing the stomach, it also prevents hair loss. Halva, which is an expectorant, also has a cholesterol-regulating effect. It is a true health friend. An ideal option for sweet lovers. It is also among the indispensables of breakfast tables for many people.


Festival of Palatal Delight; Plain Halva

The benefits of halva, which is also preferred as a snack, do not end by counting. It is consumed at breakfast due to keeping full. At the same time, since it has energizing properties, it supports you to feel alive and fit all day long. Yurttan halva plain 700 grams is offered for sale at affordable prices. It is very useful especially for children in their adolescence, pregnant women and athletes. Breastfeeding mothers prefer it because it supports milk formation. It is a very rich in vitamin B.

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Protein 9,9 g
Energy 2265 kJ/542 kcal
Fat 29,8 g
Carbohydrates 56,8 g
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