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Halvah with cocoa 700
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Halva Cocoa 700

Halva, one of the most delicious foods reflecting traditional culinary culture, was flavored with cocoa. Halva cocoa is packaged in 700 grams and offered for sale. It is preferred for breakfasts because it is filling. It is extremely healthy and supports you to feel fit all day long. The magnificent combination of halva made of tahini and white sugar with cocoa will leave an exquisite taste on your palates. Should be kept in a cool and dry place.

Healthy Dessert; Cocoa Halva

Halva, which is very rich in calcium, is good for stomach. It is also among the preferred foods due to its ability to remove sputum.

It is also good for diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Cocoa was meticulously added to the halva, which is a vitamin B reservoir. Since it provides energy, it helps you to feel fit all day long. It is very important for children, pregnant women or elderly people to consume halva. In addition to supporting bone development, it also protects against flu infections. Yurttan halva with cocoa 700 grams is purchased by many people as snack or dessert.  

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