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Halvah with pistachios 350
Product Code:15329003 Net Weight:350 g

Halva with Pistachio 350

Halva offers the opportunity to get one step closer to a great taste with its pistachio and plain options! You can make your choice with Yurttan brand to add flavor to your tables within the shortest time!

You can get the opportunity to add this wonderful flavour to your tables with pistachio halva options. While including the plain options at your breakfast tables, you can also bake it in small pots and make a dessert out of it!

Gorgeous Aroma Attracts!

Yurttan halva with pistachio shows once again how well it stands in the production stage with its halva pistachio options. You can also get a great opportunity only with first quality ingredients!

With Yurttan halva, the flavour will become much more accessible for you now! If you want to find a healthy energy source while adding dessert to your table, halva will be the right alternative for you! This traditional dessert will be one of the newest addresses of efficiency for you! Yurttan brand has included only the first quality ingredients in the production stage to create the magnificent taste!

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Protein 9,9 g
Energy 2265 kJ /542 kcal
Fat 29,8 g
Carbohydrates 56,8 g
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