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Halvah with pistachios 700
Product Code:15325022 Net Weight:700 g


Halva with Pistachio 700

The wonderful combination of pistachio and halva will cheer your palates. Halva with pistachio is offered for sale as 700 grams. This product, which you will buy benefiting from the affordable prices, is heart friendly. You can consume it for breakfast or as a snack to suppress your hunger. Pistachio halva, which is preferred for keeping full and energizing, is extremely rich in calcium.


Halva with Pistachio, Indispensable of Breakfast

Halva with pistachio full of calcium prevents hair loss. It is also very rich in vitamin B. It has a protective effect against cough, flu and cold, which are more common in winter.

In addition, it is extremely effective in diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. It protects against contagious and infectious diseases. It is extremely easy to digest and is also effective for stomach relaxation. It has positive effects on the digestive system. Yurttan halva with pistachio is offered for sale in 700-gram packages at a reasonable price. It is often preferred by people who exercise or do sports. It is also the number one choice for breastfeeding mothers because of its contribution to making milk.

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Protein 9,9 g
Energy 2265 kJ/542 kcal
Fat 29,8 g
Carbohydrates 29,8
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