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Vine leaves stuffed with rice 400g
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Stuffed Grape Leaves 400 G

Stuffed grape leaves, one of the traditional and most special cold flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, is offered for sale in 400 g tin cans. It accompanies you and your loved ones at your joyful dinners or five o'clock tea.  Yurttan stuffed grape leaves is both a main dish and an appetizer in which rice and special spices are blended and flavoured.

The stuffed grape leaves presented in tin cans can be consumed as an appetizer in olive oil and can be consumed as a hot dish. The product that comes to the tables by opening the handy cans should be consumed in at least 3-4 days after opened.

Stuffed Grape Leaves with Homemade Flavour

Stuffed grape leaves, in which the saturated fat ratio and protein are balanced, is as delicious as the homemade. It is prepared with carefully selected leaves and produced with zero- touch to take their place among the indispensable flavors of your tables.

Stuffed grape leaves that are for those who do not have time to prepare stuffed grape leaves or to be served in an handy way along with tea to the guests who suddenly appear, come to your tables by preparing from carefully selected leaves and top quality rice. You can purchase Yurttan stuffed leaves a practical tin can of 400 grams

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