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Okra Canned 800
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Poached Okra 800

Poached okra can be consumed by single persons or students apart from housewives since its handy and easy to prepare. It comes to your tables under quality and assurance of the Yurttan in the glass jar of 800 grams.

Poached okra, which is natural and additive free, meets 20% of the body's folic acid needs. Okra, which is full of vitamins and minerals; contains fiber, iron, magnesium and calcium abundantly. 

The okra full of minerals and vitamins, also known as plump okra due to its short and pyknic form, should be stored in a dry and cool place and should be protected from sunlight.

Both Healthy and Delicious Meals

Okra, which is a very good for stomach and digestive disorders besides the vitamin A and C content, is grown in warm climates. Apart from okra pickles, fried okra, okra salad and stewed okra are also very nutritive.

Poached okra, which should be consumed especially in the summer months, can be cooked directly by removing it from can without any further process. Okra, which helps to adjust the body water, should be consumed several times a week. You can choose poached okra product in canned packs under the assurance and quality of Yurttan on your tables.

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