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Grilled Eggplants 580
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Roasted Eggplant 580

Roasted eggplant, which you can serve on baguettes or sourdough breads with its practicality and easy preparation, is presented to you in a 580-gram glass jar packages in a healthy way. Roasted eggplant, along with the pepper and mozzarella cheese allow you to get delicious tastes and is offered to you under the guarantee and quality of Yurttan.

You can prefer roasted peppers, appetizers and salads due to their delicious taste and wonderful flavour instead of many dishes with heavy flavours. Roasted eggplant, which can be consumed alone or served as a snack next to the dishes, is among the flavours commonly used in the world cuisine.

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Roasted eggplant that is natural without any additives and prepared with carefully selected eggplants, is also the savior of women who do not have time to cook with its practical use.

Eggplant is rich in minerals and is full of vitamins. Eggplant, which contains many vitamins and minerals such as magnesium niacin and thiamine in addition to vitamin K, C and B6, is offered to you under the quality and assurance of Yurttan. You can present the roasted eggplant products, which are carefully prepared with zero- touch, to your loved ones with inner peace

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