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Lemon sauce 250ml
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Lemon Sauce 250 ML

The lemon sauce, which is produced with the quality and assurance of Yurttan, is presented in 250 ML practical plastic packaging, by collecting the fruits obtained from the lemon tree that grows without shedding its leaves all year round

Lemon sauce, which is easily consumed by adding it to meals and drinks, is very important for the immune system. Lemon, full of vitamin C, balances blood sugar by the cleansing of toxins from the body and acid balance.

You can easily consume it when there are no fresh lemons or when you want to make your meals sourer and more delicious.

Great Taste in Food

Lemon sauce, which is indistinguishable from fresh lemon, can be consumed as a refreshing product in all kinds of dishes, salads, olive oil, cocktail drinks with its economical packaging.

It has a flavor indistinguishable from real lemon with its flavor and consistency. Lemon sauces prepared with zero touch in modern hygienic facilities, meet the consumers in their sheltered packaging. Lemon sauce, which is prepared with the assurance and quality of Yurttan and which has a zero protein, salt, sugar, oil and saturated fat ratio is preferred because it facilitates digestion, is effective in skin cleansing and is 100% natural.

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Protein 0 g
Energy 76 kJ/18 kcal
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 4,3 g
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