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Lemon sauce 1000ml
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Lemon Sauce 1000 ML

Lemon sauce 1000 ML is full of vitamins which comes to your tables with its practical use and economical size under the quality of Yurttan in plastic packaging. The practical lemon sauce you can use at any time when you cannot find fresh lemons is also rich in vitamin C.

Lemon sauce that you can safely use until the expiration date is prepared with zero- touch for you to safely consume in soups and salads, cocktail drinks, in lemonade production, olive oil dishes and seafood.

Fresh Lemon Flavour

Lemon sauce which has a handy package provides 76kj/ 18 kcal energy. Except for the 4.3 grams of carbohydrates content, it does not contain sugar, oil, protein and salt. Due to 0.3 gram of fiber, which is used in a very balanced way, the taste of fresh lemon is not lost.

Yurttan 100% natural lemon sauce is prepared in modern facilities with zero- touch and helps you to serve delicious meals with the dense concentrated lemon it contains. Lemon sauce, which does not require squeezing before use, adds a different taste to your meals.

The sauce product, which you can safely use until the expiration date by keeping it closed in a cool and dry place, is among the options of those who would like to taste fresh lemon in all seasons.

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Protein 0 g
Energy 76 kJ/18 kcal
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 4,3 g
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