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Black olives with oil
Product Code:15329996 Net Weight:450 g

Black Olive Gemlik Oily Saddle Jumbo 450g

Black olive Gemlik oily saddle Jumbo 450 g has an aroma that is pleasing to the palatal delight. It does not have a bitter taste and facilitates digestion if at least 5 or 6 are consumed daily. In addition to those mentioned, it is one of the indispensable flavors of breakfasts. Olive fruit is picked with great care and packaged under hygienic conditions.

Pleasing to the Different Palatal Delights and Delicious!

Yurttan black olive Gemlik oily saddle jumbo is preferred by those who have different palatal delight. Besides being delicious, it is extremely light. It contributes to increase the feeling of satiety in case of consuming a few. Stomach acid is regulated by olives and does not create discomfort.

Gemlik olives, which turn into black after being processed do not contain any harmful substances for health. Due to its ability to renew cells, its popularity increases day by day. If it is stored in places that do not receive sunshine with its package, no change will occur in taste. It is one of the aromatics, pleasant and delicious snacks.

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Protein 1,8 g
Energy 349 kJ/84 kcal
Fat 5,5 g
Carbohydrates 5,7 g
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