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Pepperpaste 34-36 Brix Mild 370
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Red Pepper Paste 34-36 Brix Sweet-Household Type 370

Red pepper paste, which helps to reduce bad cholesterol due to its vitamin E and C content, is offered to you with the quality assurance of Yurttan in a healthy glass jar.

Since the substance of Phenolin in red pepper is an antioxidant, it minimizes the risk of stroke and it is also very good for the heart health. The substance of lycopene, which gives the red color to the pepper, protects the body against intestinal, uterine and prostate cancer.


Sweet Red Pepper Paste for Delicious Dishes

Yurttan sweet red pepper paste is very handy with the household quantity. Sweet red pepper paste, which is preferred by those who do not like hot red pepper paste, is the biggest help in flavoring your meals.

The sugar ratio in the sweet red pepper paste produced in completely hygienic environments and presented to you, is 10.5 grams. The product, of which saturated fat ratio is 0.3 grams, has a fiber ratio of 3.4 grams. The paste product with a high salt content should be consumed carefully by diabetics and kidney patients.

Yurttan sweet red pepper paste, which is offered for sale in a healthy glass jar, is produced in closed, hygienic and modern environments and delivered to you.

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Protein 3,9 g
Energy 469 kJ/111 kcal
Fat 1,2 g
Carbohydrates 19,5 g
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