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Pepperpaste 34-36 Brix Hot 650
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Red Pepper Paste 34-36 Brix Hot-Household Type 650

Yurttan hot red pepper paste is very rich in vitamin C. It meets the body need for betacarotene.The substance of capsaicin content is natural and leaves a taste of bitterness in the mouth.

Red peppers, which are picked in season and converted into paste, are produced in hygienic and modern facilities. The product offered for sale in a glass jar contains no unnatural substance for coloring or as a preservative.


Flavour Storm at the Tables

Those who want to enrich the taste of the dishes may prefer hot red pepper paste. Yurttan pepper paste combines traditional flavours with the intense aroma of hot red pepper.

Due to its dense texture, just a small amount ensures delicious meals. While all braised food, soups and oven dishes prepared with paste are flavored with hot red pepper paste, breakfast sauces enriched with hot red pepper paste and pasta sauces are also become delicious.

In red pepper paste the carbohydrate ratio of 19.5 grams and the sugar ratio is 10.5 grams. Different flavours can be obtained by blending hot red pepper paste, preferably with sweet tomato paste. Yurttan hot red pepper paste household type is produced with zero- touch.

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Protein 3,9 g
Energy 469 kJ/111 kcal
Fat 1,2 g
Carbohydrates 19,5 g
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